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Welcome back to our weekly roundup of Portland restaurants featured at Eater Portland, which couldn't be more appropriate to our annual list of the best restaurants in Portland. Usually, the editors of EaterPortland update the extraordinary restaurants, food trucks and markets that define what it means to eat in and around Portland once a quarter, with an update on their top 10 list.

The guide contains short, highlighted information about each restaurant and includes a list of the top 10 food trucks and markets in the city, as well as a brief description of each food truck. Picking the 10 best restaurants in Portland's food scene for this year's list is no easy task, as we know so little about the food and drink scene here in Oregon and the state of Oregon. The nine suppliers include a bakery and pizzeria with award-winning Ken Forkish, Tokyo's famous Marukin Ramen (which opened its first location in Portland last year) and award-winning Sausage & Sausage.

Their tacos are so good that they're turning into a sling-eye restaurant - with their own line of tacos, tacos and tacos. Her vegan brother focuses on extreme body and mind changes, focusing on vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

If you are in Portland for just a few hours and a meal, this is definitely a place to visit, but also if you are in NW Portland. If you know Portland and want to know more about the local food scene and what you can buy in the Portland area (or elsewhere), give it a try! It is served with fresh Lox and is one of the best things I # Ve known throughout Portland - and definitely the place

This is one of the best things I know in Portland and definitely the place to serve it when you're in love with it.

Portland is also known for its food carts, of which there are currently over 600 in the Portland area. With three food truck locations in Portland, Wolf Bear offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in their delicious vegetarian options. PDX is stunning, but Portland happens to be home to one of the best vegetarian restaurants in North America.

In fact, we embed some of our favorites here; Beast Chef Naomi Pomeroy's ode is also one of the best restaurants in Portland. Koi Fusion is proud to bring a taste of the West Coast to Oregon with its delicious burrito burritos. Although Portland is a green city, it serves as a great example of what we have seen in other American cities. This place is a vegetarian fast food place, complete with vegetarian and vegan menu.

From old-school bakeries to artisanal salons, Portland sells enough donuts to satisfy doughnut fanatics young and old. Bob's Red Mill products are a classic staple found throughout the city, offering everything you could wish for in cooking, baking and breakfast.

A classic Portland coffee icon is Stumptown Coffee, with its delicious cold brew that can be found in most stores. You can order their delicious hot brew or you can behave and order one of their amazing hot coffees, like the one below.

The vast majority of Portland restaurants are vegan-friendly, but what makes Portland a real showcase is that they're the best of the best. Other cities may also have a ton of vegan options, and some of them are great, like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Chipotle, etc.

After reducing it to my favorite Portland pizza restaurant (see 34 other options here), Pizza Jerk is one of the best restaurants in Portland.

Hotlips is a popular Portland icon, but what makes it even more unique is its unique take on the classic hot dog. Known as the Portland icon, Salt & Straw is known for producing some of Oregon's best hot dogs and one of Portland's best burgers.

If you have a car and a little time, Toro Bravo is one of the best tacos in Portland and a great place to get there from downtown Portland. Formerly known as Tasty Sons, the recently relocated chain, known as Tasty Daughters, has some of Portland's best hot dogs, burgers, tacos and more. Xico's is a copious filled taco with a variety of inventive options, including tacos with guacamole, queso fresco, chorizo, cheddar cheese, salsa, avocado and much, much more! Food Trucks recommends chartering at CHAR Latin Grill, although it's a bit tiring to arrive in downtown Portland.

There are a ton of good Thai restaurants in Portland, but Hat Yai's is one of the best places to enjoy fried chicken, buns, rice, noodles and other delicious dishes. Andy Rickers Pok Pok is the only thing I know that can add sweet and tart syrup to cocktails and cut into soda water.

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