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Portland's music scene is one of the best places in the country to discover your next favorite artist. If you're a lifelong soul fan and looking for your favorite new band, we've come up with a list of our top ten most popular Portland soul bands. Out has Soul Out, the Portland Soul Club and many other great bands from the region.

Portland's music offerings are diverse for a city like Portland, including classical, jazz, folk, rock, blues, country, hip-hop and more. The Performing Arts Center hosts some of the best classical music in the United States and the world, but it also hosts non-classical events. Icons like Louie Armstrong, Madonna and Prince have played there, and more recently artists like Solange have graced the stage. Portland concerts will feature the Portland Symphony Orchestra and Portland Opera Orchestra, as well as other local bands, entertainers and artists from around the country. The gathering is sponsored by the Old Time Music and Dance Foundation, which supports ancient music and dance in Portland Oregon.

For many Portlanders, there is a huge choice of venues across the city that offer a music experience that Portland truly is. Portland's music scene, where you can often find performances by the bands you love, as well as a variety of live music events.

Fortunately, Portland has so many bars and pubs with live music that you can finance your concert on a budget. You might not be able to go to the Crystal Ball Hall several times a week or see Beyonce in the front row, but that doesn't mean you can't see some fantastic live music in Portland. Visitors can explore the dozens of live music venues in the city and step on stage themselves.

While the city doesn't always get headliners to stop by, Portlanders can go to any band that stops in an intimate location.

Prominent cultural institutions include the Portland Museum of Art, Portland State University and the Oregon Historical Society. So it's not just Portland, age and gender diversity are everywhere in the Western music scene. Oregon's music reflects the diversity of the state and its people, and the country as a whole.

Although not primarily advertised as a music festival, the Oregon Country Fair offers a wide range of events featuring musicians of various genres. Discover your new favorite comedian or musician at Portland's free concerts and comedy nights throughout the week. To learn more about what Portland has to offer, visit the Portland Music Festival website or browse our full calendar for dates and events of all kinds.

In fact, the festival is the backdrop for season six of Portlandia, which begins with an episode that takes place during the pickathon.

The Pickathon attracts a variety of music artists to celebrate outdoor music, from local bands to local artists and international acts. Know is a staple of music in Portland and its live music program is consistently stacked. The music hall is responsible for bringing rock'n "roll shows to an otherwise populated corner of southeast Portland. A lively part of Portland's music scene is stand-up comedy and podcast taping, which also hosts stand-up comedy podcast tapings.

Paul Revere and the Raiders gained popularity in Portland after moving there from Idaho. The Kingsmen were the first to make it into the top 10 with their 1960s garage, and singer Jack Ely died in Oregon. His career was accompanied by the city's reputation as a hipster mecca, with singer Colin Meloy attending the University of Oregon and his brother Logan.

Salem and the surrounding towns also had some of the country's most successful hip-hop and alternative rock bands in the 1990s. It was a great time for Oregon music, which blended well into the Pacific music scene of the Northwest and swamped the nation.

Outdoor music festivals remain popular, and jam bands have been a mainstay of Portland's music scene for decades, and have been for decades. In recent years, Portland indie bands that play local venues have toured nationally, winning prizes such as the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, the Grammys for Album of the Year and Record Store Day, as well as the Knitted Music Awards and Portland Music Festival.

When I originally came to Portland, I moved to LA and NYC to meet people and show houses, but the people I met in the documentary I mentioned, "People Do Noise," are still doing shows here. In summer, it's good to go to a concert, even if the traffic is in your favor. So, get out of town and head to Southeast Portland, where you'll find a variety of outdoor music venues, including the Portland Music Festival, the Knitted Music Awards and many more. This summer we are hosting concerts on our lawns and on the lawns are some of Portland's most popular open-air concerts, from Uptown Portland to the East End.

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