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Portland has a wide variety of attractions and the best part is that many of them are free or extremely cheap. From quirky attractions to breathtaking nature, Portland, Oregon has plenty of cool things to do. If you're reading this post, you probably already know about some of the top things I've done in and around Portland Oregon, but I'll share a few more.

If you want to be in downtown Portland, you won't find any advantages in downtown, but with a tram like this you can forget that. TriMet also operates the Portland Aerial Tramway, which connects the South Waterfront to Marquam Hill, home to several Portland hospitals, including OHSU. Portland even has one of the largest number of public transit stations in North America. Northwest of the 23rd we have two important railway lines, one on the north and one on the south side.

US Route 26 enters Portland on the north side, follows the Columbia River to the Oregon side and ends where Interstate 5 meets Portland. The route passes through Lovejoy and Northrup, then turns and winds to Riverplace and the South Waterfront. It runs along I-205 and runs through the center of the city, from the North End to North Portland and then back to the south side of Portland.

Here are some other beautiful places you can visit on your Oregon Coast Road Trip, some of which are here. You could even drive further north and combine it with your Canada road trips and visit many of the state's national parks, most of which are within a day's drive. Portland is fairly centrally located in the region, so if you want to stay longer than the Pacific Northwest, you can visit Portland as it is relatively close to the Oregon coast and the Washington state border, making it relatively compact and easy to navigate. Most of them can be visited in one day, although many states and national parks are only a day's drive away.

The Portland Art Museum is not quite known by name, but it is actually an art museum in Portland, and you will find it in the Portland Museum of Art in the heart of the city. Take a day trip to Washington Park, which includes the Rose District and Rose City Park, both of which offer fantastic views from inside and outside.

As mentioned, many of Oregon's famous natural attractions can be reached on foot or by bike from downtown Portland. Portland Walking Tours offers more than a dozen different tours of the city, focusing on some of the city's most popular attractions, such as the Portland Zoo and Oregon State Park. These attractions are located in the heart of Portland, making it a great destination for hiking, biking and walking.

Whether you're a food lover or all sorts of hipster, Portland, Oregon has plenty to do. There are many places to go hiking and exploring, such as the Portland Museum of Art, Portland State University and Oregon State Museum.

You may also want to explore a little Oregon State, and Portland has a brewery tour where the company will take you on a tour on foot, by bike or by bus. It's a great short trip to Portland and it's one of the best beer tours in the country, especially for those who love craft beer.

While in town, be sure to try one of the famous voodoo donuts, take your cue from the Portland Weird murals and take photos with the iconic Portland Deer Shield. We follow our guide to what to do in Portland and then visit some of our favorite restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and even a few museums.

Here's our guide to our favorite things to do in Portland if you only have 48 hours to find out where to stay, what to eat and do. We will also be here to guide you through some of our favorite things you can do inPortland, even if you only have 48 hours to behave.

At the end of this article, we hope you agree that Portland is one of the best cities in the USA when it comes to cycling. It doesn't matter how much you can spend in Portland, it's a great destination and not to be missed. We strongly recommend you use Portland's bike sharing system and Nike sponsored bike sharing. Portland may not be the cheapest place in the world to visit, but if you're ready and looking for a reasonable city to visit, it's certainly a great option. This is certainly a city you should not miss, and it doesn't matter what you are willing to spend.

If you are coming to Portland and want to maximize your time as a tourist, you need to know which attractions are the absolute best and which are the worst. If you discuss your Portland route with someone outside the Pacific Northwest cities, what will your reaction be? Our Portland 3-day tours only touch on the factors that recall what Portland is experiencing, but 1 is something you will find in every major American city, and 5 is something you would not experience anywhere else.

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